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Welcome to the one & only custom sex doll torso store, VSTorso! As the ideal entry-level sex doll for men who want to improve their sexual experience, VSTorso has the same realistic vagina and anus tunnel, and even custom features as full-size sex dolls, and they are smaller and lighter which makes it easier to enjoy sex.

Currently, VSTorso is providing custom life-size, BBW, mini, male, shemale sex doll torso/ass/feet so that no matter what you need, you can always find the best for you here. At the same time, you can select any skin tone as well as additional functions based on your needs.

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VSTorso is committed to providing a variety of innovative options for sexual needs. As a technology leader, we have designed and worked with our partners to lead many innovations, such as Intelligent tunnel heating function to keep tunnel warm in winter, and the world's first intelligent Auto-wiggle & moaning system.

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Our Philosophy

To VSTorso, It is simple and clear – Spread the love.

The best lover is the kind that just lays there and takes it. It will not replace intimacy with your partner. As a matter of fact, you and your partner will have more fun when playing with sex torso together. There was something those toys could offer you that no partner ever could and that’s orgasmic convenience.

Unlike conventional male masturbators that simply have an orifice and/or canal that’s lifelike, VSTorsos take it to a whole new level that rival the real thing. From jelly breast, real hair on the pubic region, textured ass, molded vaginal and anal canals, to tunnel heating, auto-wiggle and moaning system, everything stands out. We are doing a remarkable job of creating tons of hyper-realistic torsos that make manual masturbation virtually obsolete.

Sex Torso User Guide

Most Asked Questions

What Is A Sex Torso?

Sex Doll Torso is exactly what it sounds like — the torso part of a life-size sex doll, varying in height and weight. Most torso are height less than 100cm and weight between 3-20 kg. There are some differences in what each sex torso contains or lacks. Some are just an ass and vagina, while others may consist of chest, legs, or even feet.

How Does Sex Doll Torso Differ From Life-size Sex Doll?

All sex doll torsos are made with the same level of quality as full size sex dolls, including using same hypoallergenic material TPE and same lifelike functions such as moaning and body heating. These sex torsos still feature the same realistic textured ass and human being molded vaginal, just in a new size product that’s easier to clean, store, and use.

Why Sex Doll Torso Though?

For those who prefer to get a more authentic feeling of companionship or need oral sex, they should try full-size sex dolls. But if you want more sexual freedom, imagination and efficiency, you should get a sex doll torso.
Sex torso is one of the greatest masturbation tools since Fleshlight. Having sex with them is convenient (as long as you have a sturdy surface on which to place them). Imagine being one of those guys who ejaculate within minutes of the buzzer going off. How will you compete with someone who can run a marathon? By practicing with a well-made torso, that’s it. At the same time, it allows you to practice all the trendy poses you learned while watching Pornhub. You’ll also start enjoying increased sexual stamina because of an adequate warm-up. All those will make your sex better.

How To Choose A Suitable Sex Doll Torso?

Choose a good material that is skin safe. VSTorso use hypoallergenic M-TPE material and M-TPE stands for medical-level Thermoplastic Elastomer. Unlike standard TPE material, M-TPE is odorless and contains less oil than standard TPE, so maintenance will be easier, and her skin will be more durable and will not dry out, even if it is not oiled. M-TYPE material is also 100% food grade and is 100% safe to touch and kiss.

Which body part would you prefer? We have 4 type of sex doll torso: sex doll ass with juicy ass for vaginal and anal sex, female torso with big ass plus a jelly breast, male torso with a muscle chest, hard ass and a big penis, shemale torso with a juicy breast and ass plus big penis, sex doll feet with big ass plus sexy feet. Once you’ve figured out your needs, you’ll know how to choose it.
Our 1:1 sex doll torso offers you the perfect solution if you just wanna get the best one. These ass and feet are also ideal for men and women with specific tastes who are interested in only one particular part of a love doll’s body. After all, why get a full-size torso if you’re only interested in her ass?

A good sex torso will always have the proportions you need to do plenty of thrusting at whatever speed or intensity you require. VSTorso offers 5 – 50 lbs sex doll torsos to satisfy all kinds of need you have. A lightweight sex torso is portable and easy to take outside but might scoot around and move unless you wanna hold it all the time. If you want to keep your hands free, you can find a sex torso that is proportional to your body weight, ideally about 1/5 – 1/7 your body weight. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, the perfect sex torso will weigh about 30 pounds.

VSTorso’s vagina and anus molds are made with real people, from the inner canal, outer orifices, to labial folds, which are no different from real people. In addition to that, it also offer the touch of the human being skin, real female body curves, jelly breasts, realistic skin texture, bouncing juicy ass, tunnel heating function, wiggle & moaning system.
All these produce an experience that is close to the real sex pleasure.

Wanna know more about us? Feel free to contact our online customer service, we are 24/7 stand by 🙂

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