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How to clean and maintain your sex doll torso after having fun

How to clean and maintain your sex doll torso after having fun

A sex doll torso, to more extent, is a new lover who accompanies the owner as intimately as his or her wife. However, one of the common questions is “How should I clean the sex doll torso after use?” Therefore, it is important to keep the torso clean and not to touch all the love liquid poured into her body. Cleaning the partner that accompanies day and night is actually a very simple process, which can be done with the help of some very useful tools. To ensure your hygiene and her lifespan.

What should be the cycle for a sex doll torso to be cleaned?

Cleaning sex doll torsos are, of course, the most essential. Please wash the torso before using it for the first time in order to remove factory remnants for the sake of your health. If the torsos are not dust-free, we advise that our clients clean them every two to four weeks. It is necessary that the torsos should be washed after each sexual encounter. You should find a balance between keeping the tours fresh and tidy while also extending its life.

How to clean the vagina, anus and openings?

Cleaning her vagina, anus, and mouth is a delicate procedure that demands a variety of approaches to expose these places for cleaning. 

1. It is suggested that you use a water sprayer to spray water at the entrance to allow the water to flow out. Without washing with water, you can use the showerhead hose connection in a low-impact and environmentally beneficial manner.

2. A (soft) towel bathed in warm soapy water can be used to clean it manually. To properly clean the opening, touch all sections of it.

3. Soak a tiny cotton swab sponge in warm water and antibacterial soap. This sponge can be used to clean the orifice. Insert the towel using medical tweezers until the opening is cleaned.

How to dry the sex doll torso after cleaning?

1. Gently tap the skin with a soft, non-abrasive substance to remove the majority of the body’s liquid, then leave it to dry naturally.

2. Set the sex doll torso aside for 1-2 hours to ensure that it is almost dry. Sprinkle talcum powder to your entire body for a natural scent and silky feel.

3. Many individuals advise applying petroleum jelly in the orifice as a preventative precaution and lubrication.

4. After you’ve washed the skin, make sure it’s completely dry. When the skin is wet, it rips and bruises easily.


Your sex doll torso, like any other woman, needs routine attention and frequent care. Cleaning the sex doll torso is a necessary aspect of its preservation. If you have a torso at home, you must know how to clean it in order to keep it in good condition. It is simple to learn. As I’ve mentioned before, incorrect care will harm your sex doll torso, so prevent it. You can have a long-term and intimate relationship with this method.

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