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Lenore – 14.33lb Mini Missionary Sex Doll Torso


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VSTorso - Meet Your Sex Imagination

Welcome to the world of sex doll torso, VSTorso.com. If you are looking for a quality sex torso, you have come to the right place. VSTorso is the one and only custom sex torso shop online. We know what you want when you shop for a quality sex doll torso, and we have a huge selection for any kind of your needs.

All VSTorso Includes:

Hypoallergenic TPE – All our dolls are made of hypoallergenic medical TPE material which enables you a soft and real touch pleasure without any uncomfortable experience

Skin Texture – We use exclusive real-life molds replicated from real human bodies. The pores and wrinkles are visible and clear.

Realistic Vagina and Anal – Sexy and soft outer labia is wrinkled, and the inner vaginal particle is spirally designed, and the stimulation is progressive layer by layer, and the deeper it is, the more exciting it is. The anal passage is covered with small ridges and small bumps to make the feeling of squeezing full;

Discreet Shipping – No label, logo, or product name on your package. Providing the highest level of privacy protection, we know how important your privacy is.

Custom Features Instructions

Skin Color

We offer 4 skin colors for you to choose from: natural, light tan, tan and black. You could pick up any you prefer.

Breast Type

Normal breasts are solid TPE. These breasts will be firm and perky yet still have a decent softness and bounce that you can expect from high-quality TPE. You should select this option if you’re not too picky about breast feel and wish to save on upgrading them.

Jelly breast is the main material for breast augmentation. 99% close to the real breast. The jelly is the perfect middle ground and most closely mimics the feel and movement of a real breast. The jelly is essentially made to behave and feel like human fat which makes it so realistic. Jelly breasts are a worthwhile upgrade if you want the most lifelike sex doll breasts possible.

Tunnel Heating System

We offer an internal heating system upgrade that allows you to easily heat the vaginal and anal tunnels inside. The final heating temperature can reach human body temperature (36.5 degrees Celsius / 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit).

Auto-wiggle Feature

The auto-wiggle feature can simulate the twisting body of a real woman, cater to your enthusiasm and impact, and bring an ultra-realistic sex experience. 

Auto-wiggle with Moaning System

Add a moaning system to your auto-wiggle sex doll torso and you will be thrilled to finally have a torso that can moan while you make out with her. The sex doll torso sound system upgrade is an excellent choice when you plan on upgrading your torso and making it more realistic.

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